Moving is a wonderful time to sort and purge. Take the time to sell or give away unwanted or unused items.
1. If you have an unheated unit and you know the items are going to be stored over winter, remember to put anti-freeze in the washer and dishwasher before you unplug it at home. The anti-freeze should be pumped through the motor as these appliances have a water reserve to keep the seals intact.

2. If you store over winter the standard household goods are fine as long as they go in dry. Musical instruments do not like the severe temperature change, guitars, fiddles, pianos, etc. Wooden furniture, mattresses, bedding, etc. are fine if they go in dry they will stay dry. You do not require heat. If you have a plasma TV – it contains liquid & must be placed in a heated unit.

3. Make arrangements to have propane tanks, paints, solvents, and cleaning products stored elsewhere before you load the trailer. We cannot transport them and you cannot store flammable, combustibles, or corrosives in the units.

4. Do not store any food products, teabags, dry pasta, can goods, etc. We have a vigilant rodent control plan in place. Do not jeopardize it.

5. The units do not have hydro, if you access your unit after dark, please bring a flashlight.